Then I was supposed to climb yesterday to sharpen alpine skills, but again the weather / avalanche hazard shut us down.  So we "salvaged" the day by heading up into Gulf of Slides.  Snow was surprisingly deep above the Graham Trail. Anyway, crown lines were noted in numerous places and one crown line was so large that we thought it might be a cornice, instead ...... or was it.  So, I led us up to a spot and I saw what looked like debris but neither one of us thought there was no way something would run that big hard and far this time of year. Yeah, well whaddya' know we were wrong which we found out as we skinned around a corner.  This ran big and left a 3-4 meter deep (conservative estimate) debris pile at the toe.  

Lotsa' hazards on the descent - logs, rocks, boulders, brooks, water bars, but you could dance for some knee deep surprisingly far down and I swear I got a thigh shot higher up!  Skiing was challenging but sooooo good.  The day was outstanding in so many ways.

Many are being taken by surprise at how hard the Presidentials are playing - the monthly average snowfall amount has already been exceeded!  This is after a few years of lame Decembers.  Note: human factor here is that people just aren't used to this so early.  Big George and the boys are back in town ...... and they're trashing the crap outta' Dino's Bar & Grille!

Mark P. Renson

On Monday, December 12, 2016 3:39 PM, Mark P. Renson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Correction: the skiing at Wildcat here was even better than Stowe was last Saturday. Patrol dropped ropes this afternoon. NO BRUTAL GROOMING was to be had. This place rocks.

From:"Mark P. Renson" <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 12:43 PM
Subject:[SKIVT-L] The ANE Report Last 4 Days

Well, the Pacific Northwest has "PNW", so we should have ANE for Atlantic Northeast. Anyway, we worked our butts off on the patrol to get the plaCE up n running on Friday and it all paid off with great early season conditions off of The Dub'. Today it is open and will be for the week. Alas, I drove to NH last night with the intention of climbing Damnation, bit we cancelled and I wound up getting "stuck" at Wildcat where it was dumping. It's been years since I skied here and I'm reminded of how cool this place is. The skiing here is as good as it was at Stowe last Saturday. With a $49 lift ticket, this sure ain't Vail. There's more cars in the lot today on a Monday than there were yesterday at Mad River.......okay, so who has the harder core skiers, LOL!

Juse ran into Rich and Marcia from Harvard Cabin and they're reporting sweet conotions on the Sherburne while it rages above. At the Harvard snow plot, they're reporting 20cm new overnight with capped stellar grains on the surface! Ranger Frank checked into the 8nternet with a High and Considerable rating for both ravines and to stay away from the runouts!
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