Evan handled it well - he avoided being in the lower slower group, hence he was safe!  LOL! Mark P. Renson  

    On Tuesday, December 20, 2016 5:35 PM, Alex Friend <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 Great report! Among other points, "management does a good job of... staying closed when they should be open."
Now, can you rate that slide and send it to the MA act experts for review?
On Dec 20, 2016, at 4:50 PM, Get Skied <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Prior to Sunday's niar event we had a nice, L-B-D snowfall here in the forgotten section of Massachusetts. The roads were a mess and I was crunched for time but fortunately the short (by distance) drive was devoid of other vehicles and I was able to test AWD + Arctic Altimax tires to their fullest use case.
Pulling into the unplowed ski area parking lot I was greeted by a few vehicles, but fortunately no other skiers. On my first ascent I ran into three friendly, postholing snowboarders carrying open reeb bottles, but never saw them again after they took one run and called it quits. This ski area is the penultimate in peculiarity. Its the kind of place you wouldnt ever just happen upon, unless you frequently drive up long, dead end roads in rural New England towns. There is a "Sports Channel... the Home of the Hartford Whalers" sign up at one of the chairlifts that I am pretty sure is there without a hint of irony. 
The snow continued to fall heavily as I made my way to the skiers left side of the mountain, where the meager 465' vertical drop at least coalesces around a legitimately well pitched set of trails. 7" or so of L-B-D goodness on an existent base meant all was a 'go' for schussing. Blandford management does a good job of mowing their trails and staying closed when they should be open, so the universe was mine to enjoy. 
There are not too many MA locations outside of a few sections of Mount Greylock where avalanches might ever be a thing, but there were two legitimate crown lines to observe on headwalls at Blandford, so take that, you cranky alpinists.
Anyways, #masspow is fleeting, so I gladly took what I could get before the weather gods ruined it once again.

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