Dear Colleagues

Abstract submissions for Goldschmidt 2017 in Paris are now open at and will close on April 1st. The meeting is 13-18 August 2017. If your work concerns crustal fluids in any guise – where they come from, what they are, what they do – then please consider submitting an abstract to Session 06j Aqueous Fluids in the Crust - Convenors: Aude Gébelin, Sarah Gleeson, Philippe Boulvais, Bruce Yardley. The keynote speaker will be Professor Lukas Baumgartner (University of Lausanne) and the session description is as follows:


Aqueous fluids are fundamental to the development of the Earth's crust, enabling melting, deformation and chemical segregation. This session will focus on the chemical and physical role of aqueous fluids at all levels in the crust, including aspects of fluid behaviour that cross the classical divisions of geology. Throughout the crust, the composition of fluids is partly controlled by their environment (e.g. interactions with host rocks and minerals and PTX) but also depends on external factors which include the source of the fluid. Contributions which help unpick these controls on fluid chemistry or which use them to understand how, why and when fluids move through the crust will all be welcome. A particular focus will be on the infiltration of meteoric fluids into the crust. Petrologists have mainly focused on fluids generated within the crust by mineral reactions, but it is increasingly appreciated that other fluids, notably those from the surface, may play a vital role in orogenic processes. This session will bring together researchers dealing with both modern and ancient processes and will include field, analytical, experimental and numerical modelling approaches to understanding how fluids penetrate the crust and react with it. It will encompass fluids involved in processes from ore genesis to orogenesis. Contributions dealing with both identifying the sources of fluids which have played a role in crustal development, and understanding why and how they move and the time it takes them to do so, will all be welcome


We look forward to seeing you in Paris!

Aude Gébelin, Sarah Gleeson, Philippe Boulvais, Bruce Yardley, Stéphane Bonnet
Philippe Boulvais