HI Matheus--

Yeah--it dumps the install file in the drivers folder without installing 

look under : C:\Windows\System32\driver

DriverDelta or perhaps DeltaDriver....

When it asks for new driver, just look under folder listed above--it 
should find the install file...

take care,


On 1/10/2017 5:24 PM, Matheus Carvalho wrote:
> Dear all, we had a crash on our old Windows XP computer and now need 
> to install Isodat on a newer Windows 7, 32 bit, machine. I have 
> installed the files but the computer does not recognize the fiberline 
> driver. I serached Isogeochem files and found some info about this, 
> but it was not clear. Would anyone have such drivers, or know where we 
> get them? Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
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