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> Every mail program I’ve ever used has a delete button.
> Problem solved.
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> DISCLAIMER FOR THE FEEBLE MINDED:  It should be painfully obvious, but 
> my affiliation with Brigham Young University does NOT imply that the 
> University endorses any political or otherwise partisan content of 
> this message.
> “People who insist that the sacredness of Scripture depends on belief 
> in creation in a literal six days seem never to insist on a 
> literal reading of “to him who asks, give,” or “sell what you have and 
> give the money to the poor.” In fact, their politics and 
> economics align themselves quite precisely with those of 
> their adversaries, who yearn to disburden themselves of the weak, and 
> to unshackle the great creative forces of competition. The defenders 
> of “religion” have made religion seem foolish while rendering 
> it mute in the face of a prolonged and highly effective assault on the 
> poor.”  Marilynne Robinson

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