Dear Jim,


The FS capillary is a standard deactivated 0.32mm ID/ 0.44 mm OD (=> requires a ferrule with 0.5 mm hole).
Thermo uses the Valco FS 1/16” type ferrule here to reduce the dead volume and perhaps because it uses a Valco connection at the bulkhead (in reality if works also with standard SGE GVF ferrules)

The SS capillary has 0.5mm ID / 0.75mm OD (=> requires a ferrule with 0.8mm hole).
Provided by Thermo is a standard SGE GVF 16-008 (hole with 0.8mm).

I van send you a ppt file that describes how to make your own needle (also available from the wiki). 
However, 5000 samples in 9 years…it might be easier to buy them. :-)


Am 27.01.2017 um 01:17 schrieb Jim Palandri <[log in to unmask]>:

> Good afternoon.
> We don't run GB all that much, and after nine years and ~5000 samples, the sample needle finally cracked and started leaking. I see Thermo provided ferrules with the spare needles that came with the instrument, but absent is size info.
> The one for fused silica appears to be a Valco FS 1.5, and
> The one for the stainless capillary appears to be an SGE GVF16-1/32 (0.8mm), Part No: 072655. 15/85% graphite/vespel.
> Please will someone confirm these parts for us, for our future reference?
> Thanks!
> -Jim
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