Dear all,

Sorry for any cross-posting.

We are orginizing a session “CL1.18/OS2.9 - ANNUALLY RESOLVED ARCHIVES 
OF MARINE CLIMATE CHANGE” at the upcoming EGU in April 2017 and we hope 
you will join us. Please, be aware that the deadline for the abstact 
submission is WEDNESDAY, 11TH OF JANUARY (13:00 CET).

We welcome a wide range of contributions, in particular on
  (1) drivers of increment formation and growth,
(2) climatic and environmental reconstructions using high resolution 
proxies, and
  (3) the use of such proxies in models.

We're especially interested in marine proxies derived from naturally 
banded archives, including corals, fish otoliths, bivalve molluscs, 
coralline algae and sclerosponges

Please see 
for a more detailed description and the link to abstract submission.

  We hope to see many of you at EGU2017!

  Best wishes,

  Tamara Trofimova, Stella Alexandroff, Paul Butler, David Reynolds, 
Stefania Milano, Sarah Holmes, Amy Featherstone, Fabian Bonitz and 
Ariadna Purroy Albet