A long time ago a Thermo engineer told me the formula for PAL time in vial is:


(Fill strokes +1) x pull up delay = total time in vial (s)


The +1 is due to the fact that it takes about a second to initiate.




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Hi Greg,


It is a simple fix. In the method you can do 5 Fill Strokes with a 60 second delay and you’ll have the 5 minutes. I just checked our method and it has 10 fill strokes with a 60 second delay. 






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We are trying to do a basic headspace analysis using a thermo gas bench and PAL.  We cant find the parameter in the Method to keep the needle in the vial.  We use the needle up delay in Method, but that has a max time of 99 S and we want 5 min or so to do multiple injections.