Thermo has a factory communication #IS-209 released 28 May 2015 titled "Setting up a PC Dell Optiplex 9020" which specifically addresses the steps to install Isodat 3.0 on Windows 7. I highly recommend getting a copy from your favorite engineer before proceeding. There is a specific procedure to install and several settings to change in Windows 7 so that Isodat runs smoothly. After following the instructions it has been smooth sailing for us.

In the above mentioned document, it instructs to look in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers folder and delete the files DELTA99.inf and DELTA99.SYS if they exist. They will also be put in the drivers folder if Isodat or lower was previously installed on the computer. If the old drivers exist you will get "fun" blue screen crashes with windows 7.

Cheers, Ben

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HI Matheus--

Yeah--it dumps the install file in the drivers folder without installing it...

look under : C:\Windows\System32\driver

DriverDelta or perhaps DeltaDriver....

When it asks for new driver, just look under folder listed above--it should find the install file...

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On 1/10/2017 5:24 PM, Matheus Carvalho wrote:
Dear all, we had a crash on our old Windows XP computer and now need to install Isodat on a newer Windows 7, 32 bit, machine. I have installed the files but the computer does not recognize the fiberline driver. I serached Isogeochem files and found some info about this, but it was not clear. Would anyone have such drivers, or know where we get them? Any help is appreciated. Thank you,

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