Hi Neil, 

we switched from Air Products to BOC a while ago, basically because of lower gas bottle rental charges here in the UK. At the moment we are using CP grade nitrogen (L-size), which was around £170/bottle from BOC. We basically followed Isoprime and Thermo installation requirements for the gas purity. Our nitrogen reference gas is used in an Isoprime100 and a VisION IRMS as well as in a Thermo Delta V.
But I am also curious to know if some people use a lower purity without problems.


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2017-01-17 15:41 GMT+00:00 NEIL OGLE <n.ogle@btinternet.com>:
Hi all

After a few years my N2 ref gas is coming to an end and I want to replace it (for Delta V). Previously we used N2 BIP from Air Products but I wish to switch to BOC (really just for convenience with all other bottles in the lab).  What are people using? N2 CP (99.9992) or is that overkill?  As I dont have the AP quality to hand BOCs N4.8 seems too low to me.