Are you excited to present your research and would like a broad audience?

Is your research interdisciplinary and encompasses many diverse fields? Do you utilize models and observational climate data? Does the timescale of your research differ from that of the available sessions? 


Please consider submitting an abstract to the Open Session on Climate: Past, Present and Future (CL0.00). We invite climate science contributions on any timescale, and that may address terrestrial, marine or atmospheric climate research. We welcome presentations of modeling studies as well as (paleo)-observations.


Abstracts must be submitted by January 11th for consideration into the EGU scientific program. Please note that you must submit your abstract directly to the Open Session. Opportunities for publishing your contribution are possible through the on-line and open access EGU journal "Climate of the Past" (

Conveners: Thomas Blunier, Victor Brovkin, Natalie Kehrwald

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Natalie Kehrwald, Ph.D.
U.S. Geological Survey
MS 980, Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225