Thanks Gerry! I will let you know how it turns out.


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HI Yvette--

Electronic offset, or however Isodat spells it, will adjust the values. It's one of the buttons usually above the High Voltage and Magnet readouts. Make sure you don't have any gases going into the source and that all detectors should be at 0.  And when you do/re-do the measurement, the values should be close to 0.  If not, keep an eye on it to make sure it is not drifting.  You can also do background readings at the start of a sequence line.

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Hi everyone,


We have a Delta V Plus instrument on which we analyze C13/C12 ratios.  Our current m/z readings are as follows: m/z 44.0 = 0 mv; m/z 45.0 = 10 mV and m/z 46.0 = 0 mV.  Could someone please send suggestions to help us reduce the m/z 45.0 reading back to 0 or 1 mV?





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