Hi All,

I have searched the Isogeochem archives for an answer but did not find one so I will ask again about preservation in alcohol.  A lab user has a bunch of amazingly well preserved Pleistocene leaves from Colombia that unfortunately were stored in alcohol before he got them.  He is interested in running bulk carbon isotopes on them.

I have read the Hobson et al., 1997 and Barrow et al., 2008 articles on various methods of preservation of animal tissue.  My understanding of the results is that 70% ethanol has little or no affect on the isotopes of animal tissue.  But I need input from the community on if alcohol preserved plant leaf samples are ruined for carbon isotopes.

I realize that alcohol will strip some specific molecules from the plant tissue but my hope is that bulk isotopes might still be good.  I am tempted to run them and report the results with the caveat that they were previously stored in alcohol.

Any input would be appreciated.


Jason Curtis, Ph.D.
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