Hello all!

A reminder to submit your abstracts to EGU by this Wednesday (Jan. 11) by 1PM Central European Time.

We invite you to submit abstracts to our EGU session:

"Chemical weathering and physical erosion coupling over spatial and temporal scales" (GM4.1/BG9.35/GMPV2.12/SSS2.34)

at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria from April 23-28, 2017.

We encourage abstracts by researchers at all levels that seek to improve our understanding of the coupling between chemical weathering and physical erosion across all spatial and temporal scales. It would be especially wonderful to receive abstracts from those of us working on isotopic measurements of weathering/erosion, both in modern and in paleo systems. Dr. Jean Dixon (Montana State University) will deliver an invited presentation.

More details on the session are available here:

Please feel free to contact any of us with questions.

Thanks for considering our session!
Jeremy Caves (ETH Z├╝rich)
on behalf of all of the conveners
Joel Scheingross
Sebastien Carretier
Jean Braun
Yves Godderis