Hi Carol,

Yes, I may need an additional cup of coffee, but….my title 17 doesn’t seem to go up to 3802 or 3832.  Can you check that number again?  It looks like you are implying in the second part that they can only go to the voters for 10 years (in 5 year increments.)  I want to check that out as I have an agency that is going on the ballot and it has been more than 10 years I believe.

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Hey Nancy,

There are a couple ways a property can be designated as property tax exempt:

  *   Statutory exemption.  If the property qualifies for statutory exemption (see 17 VSA sec. 3802), then the listers or assessor mark it as such in the grand list, and it is exempt from both municipal and education taxes.  By the way, a property can be partially tax exempt – we have a couple buildings in town that are owned by non-profits and qualify for tax exemption, however, portions of the building are rented out to tenants, and those portions are fully taxable.
  *   Voter approved exemption.  If the property doesn’t meet the requirements laid out in the statute cited above, the owners can petition the voters to grant them 10 years of tax exemption, with it renewable in 5 year increments (see 17 VSA sec. 3832).  In these instances, the exemption is only for municipal taxes, and the property is included in the local agreement rate calculations to cover the education taxes.  So the property owner doesn’t pay the education taxes; it’s included in everybody else’s tax bill.

Hope that’s helpful.


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Subject: tax exempt

Can someone help me with this? A while ago I saw on here talk about petitions to be exempt from property taxes. In the email it said if someone wanted to be exempt, there had to be two articles on the warning one for municipal tax and one for school tax. I have looked everywhere and can’t find anything on that. If anyone has information on that it would you email me and let me know the statue numbers?

Nancy J. Ertle Corinth Town Clerk
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