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Last year Tony Galle (Animator Extradonaire)  suggested the following  Apps
  for session  Awesome Animations at Create Make Learn Summer Institute.
I'm crossing my fingers that we will get Tony back as an instructor at this
year's summer institute.  Here are the apps he used in his session.


Stop Motion Animator
-- by szager <> (flash version, web-based)--can use up to


Stop Motion Studio
<>--  by
CATEATER, LLC (non-flash, web-based)--up to 200 frames

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> Hi all
> I have a student who wants to do some animation in Adobe.  Turns out we
> have the licenses but no computers available for them to use that will run
> the software suite when they need it.  Are there any (hopefully low cost)
> alternatives that you can recommend that will run on a chromebook or older
> pc?
> Thanks ahead of time!
> Joe
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