I had just been watching birds at the feeder from my kitchen window, 30
mourning doves, 6 blue jays, 2 chickadees, 1 hairy and 1 downy.  Nothing
interesting so I turned away.  Within 30 seconds, there was a loud thud as
a mourning dove hit the window.  I looked out to the snow to see if the
bird was just dazed and would recover.  An adult sharp shinned hawk was
standing above the dazed (or more) dove and then flew away with him.

While I have seen sharp shinned hawks a number of times near my home, this
was a clear view from only 2-3 yards away...the red eye. the absolutely
square tail and the adult plumage were beautiful.

It seems more likely that the hawk was a Cooper's, according to what I just
read but the square tail and the size makes me think sharp-shinned.   Could
a sharp-shinned catch and carry a mourning dove?

And, by the way, I now have no birds at my feeder.