Here are the long-delayed results of our Christmas Bird Count:

The Champlain Islands count was held on December 18, 2016.  We had 33
people in the field and 10 people watching feeders.  We logged 4 hours
(13.7 miles) of nocturnal birding; 12.8 hours (11.1 miles) by foot; 54
hours (365 miles) by car; and 20.5 hours watching feeders.

We ended up with 60 count-day species plus 5 count-week species, compared
with a high of 76 count-day species in 2005.  The number was down from the
64 count-day species last year and our 30-year average of 66 count-day

Total number of individual birds was only 9,134, the lowest count since the
circle was moved to its current location in 1987, although counts in the
old circle location were lower.  This low count follows last year's record
high of 95,044, which was due largely to an amazing 84,500 Snow Geese
observed in Point Au Roche, NY.  Low counts can be attributed partly to
early ice in many of the bays, and light to heavy rain in the morning and
light rain or snow in some areas in the afternoon, combined with icy roads,
especially in the morning.

Here are a few highlights:

Bald Eagle – 9                          New high count; previous high was 8
in 2014

Red-bellied Woodpecker – 7      New high count; previous high was 5 in 2015

American Robin – 569               New high count; previous high was 530 in

European Starling – 872            New low count; previous low was 992 in

White-throated Sparrow – 11      New high count; previous high was 8 in 2014

Dark-eyed Junco – 365              New high count; previous high was 299 in

We had just 2 rare misses:

Horned Grebe                           Seen in 27 previous counts

Eastern Screech Owl                Seen in 26 previous counts

The above statistics are based on 30 years of data in our circle's present
location.  Four earlier years (1983 to 1986) when the circle was located
slightly to the north were excluded.  Counts were generally very low in
those first few years compared with later counts.

Thanks to all who participated!

--Ken Copenhaver