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Has anyone else noticed that this story - about barred owls starving and getting hit by cars - hits the birding news every year. Each time it is presented as something out of the ordinary, yet it happens every year. there has been little snow cover to hide rodents here in the Champlain Valley this year, but the owls are still appearing.

I am more inclined to think that each year beginning in January or early February, the adult owls that have established territories kick the young out in preparation for mating season. Lacking a territory of their own, these young forage far and wide looking for food. And roadsides are a great place to do this. Red-tailed hawks and other predators also find roadsides convenient.

If barred owls starving every winter is indeed the cause of this annual appearance, I would like to see some science.


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>>> Hi all, if you have a chance, the Addison County independent wrote an
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>>> The article is also online.
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This has been a strange winter, a delayed winter, with nearly no snow in the Willsboro / Essex area. Most of the lake is still open, just freezing around the edges.

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