We got out on the hill at 8:30.  There was little to no line on the quad.
It was snowing lightly and there were a couple of inches of fresh snow.
Plus they had groomed most of the mountain.  None of that could change what
was hidden underneath.  As I rode up the chair I could see some people
sliding long distances after falling.   The wind was also strong in the
morning and it exposed the ice underneath.  My wife looked down at Lift
Line and said "no way I am skiing that today".

[image: Inline image 1]

I didn't expect the fresh snow because we had none at my house, so I
brought a pair of 195 cm GS skis with a 27m turn radius.  I was looking for
speed.  I started out on Nosedive,  when I tried to let my skis run, the
wind blowing up the hill kept my speed in check.

When I skied Liftline I could feel small chunks of ice hitting the inside
of my lower legs.  After several runs at the quad I tried to venture over
to the Gondi, but the line was too long for my taste.  So I did one more on
LiftLine  and packed up.

On the way home we decided to give the ski touring center a try.

[image: Inline image 2]

In all my years at Stowe I never stopped on my way home to do some cross
country.  It was surprisingly fun/relaxing.   I stuck to easy stuff, but it
was just my speed.  I am curious to see if this becomes a regular thing.

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