Dear colleagues,

Abstract submission is open now for Goldschmidt 2017 (August 13-18, in 
Paris, France). We sincerely ask you to consider to submit an abstract 
intended for scientists working in the terrestrial as well as aquatic 
environments and to highlight studies focusing on organic matter-mineral 
interactions using molecular, spectroscopic or isotopic techniques, with 
Laurent Remusat as key-note speaker. You may find the full session page 
at >

The abstract deadline is *April 1st.*

Look forward to seeing you in Paris!


Ingrid, Johannes, Cornelia and Rota

*Session 11c: Organo-mineral associations in soils and sediments*

Convenors: Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, Johannes Lehmann, Cornelia Rumpel, Rota 

Key-note: Laurent Remusat

Organic matter plays a key role in biogeochemical processes in soils and 
sediments through its interactions with minerals, and associated 
formation of physical structures providing the habitats sustaining 
microbial communities. This session will explore the mechanisms of soil 
and sedimentary organic matter association with the mineral phase at 
different spatial and temporal scales. Special emphasis will be put on 
the role of different soil weathering and redox environments and the 
resulting mineral assemblage for binding of organic matter and 
interaction with microbial necromass and exudates. We invite 
contributions with emergent analytical tools to provide novel insights 
on organic matter-mineral interactions and their impact on the fate of 
organic matter in soils and sediments. Potential topics include (but are 
not limited to): 2D and 3D fine scale investigations on organic-mineral 
interactions, biomarkers and molecular composition of mineral-associated 
organic matter in soils and sediments, and organic matter turnover 
examined by isotopic tracing experiments, radiocarbon and 
component-specific isotope analyses.