and PChemLabs have a wick for the 80 model--which shows an oil wick holder having a different part number than listed too:

(again, those rods!!!)

On 2/21/2017 1:19 PM, Matthew Rogers - NOAA Federal wrote:
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Howdy isotope friends,

Quick question for those of you with a newer Delta V that has a Pfeiffer SplitFlow 300 turbo pump:

I bought a new oil wick for this pump, and I want to be sure it's the right one before I shut down my mass spec to perform some maintenance. Our Delta V is about a year old and it has a new model of turbo pump compared to the older Delta V and earlier models.  The oil reservoir I received is a lot bigger than I'm used to.

The oil wick I received has part number PM 133 302 AU on the label that is on the actual hard plastic screw-top container that the wick comes in.  Is this the correct wick? 

The little bag that the wick+container comes in with a new o-ring has part number PM 143 451 AT, which is what is specified on the actual turbo pump. The part number on the oil wick container is new to me and different than the part number specified on the pump. It's confusing to see different part numbers on the bag the wick comes versus the hard plastic container that holds the wick. Pfeiffer assures me I have the right part but I want to double check.  

I hope this makes sense - any help would be appreciated.  I can send pictures if necessary.



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