Dear colleagues,

The Goldschmidt conference will be held in Paris this year (August 13-18 
; Please consider submitting an 
abstract to the session 'Organic Geochemistry of the Anthropocene – From 
Stratigraphy to Earth System' (Session 11i in Theme Environmental 
Geochemistry). Abstract submission is open until April 1st.

Convenors: Jagos Radovic, Christopher Reddy, Jérémy Jacob, Nathalie Dubois

Keynote: Mélanie Roffet-Salque (OGU - Bristol University - UK)

The Anthropocene has recently been proposed as a new geological epoch, 
in which human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, plant 
cultivation, soil erosion, and others, have modified the natural cycles 
of organic matter (OM). In addition to perturbing the cycling of natural 
OM and compounds, human activities released large quantities of diverse 
synthetic materials into the environment, which constitute multiple 
threats. The evolution of these complex transitions, since prehistory to 
the great industrial acceleration of the modern era, are reflected in 
equally intricate (bio)geochemical signals. In this session, we welcome 
contributions that address the source, fate, history, and ecosystem 
impacts of OM perturbations and compounds (natural and synthetic) that 
were released in the geological realm by human activities. In this 
context, showcases of novel, multidisciplinary approaches are 
particularly encouraged. The objective is to gather a diverse group of 
researchers, including archaeologists, paleoenvironmentalists, 
microbiologists, environmental geochemists, and others, who study the 
anthropogenic impacts in various media, and across temporal scales, 
using bulk, elemental, isotopic and molecular analyses. The session will 
aim to reevaluate the established (bio)geochemical concepts in relation 
to global change, and discuss possible solutions to alleviate the major 
environmental challenges presented by the Anthropocene.

Best regards, Nathalie, Jagos, Chris and Jérémy

Jérémy Jacob
Chargé de Recherche CNRS
Outils moléculaires et isotopiques du diagnostic environnemental
Interactions hommes/milieux/climats durant l’Holocène

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