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Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the 
2017 Goldschmidt conference in Paris (August 13-18):

Session 21L: "*Pushing the limits: Innovation in isotopic and elemental 

Keynote speaker: Pr Olivier Donard (IPREM/CNRS)

Trace elements and isotopes have proved to be reliable tracers of 
geochemical processes, sample age determination and authentication. The 
continuous efforts of geochemists and instrument manufacturers have been 
targeted over the last decade, to improve performance of sample 
preparation, instrumentation and measurements methods to answer 
increasingly ambitious analytical challenges. This has allowed sample 
sizes to be reduced, enabling scientific investigation in directions 
never before possible, using both dissolution and in-situ sampling 
methodologies. Highlighting new developments in inorganic analytical 
geochemistry across the instrumentation platforms (ICPMS, TIMS, SIMS, 
XRF, EPMA,...) and including methods for sample preparation and 
introduction optimization, as well as strategies for standardization and 
data processing, this session seeks contributions of new analytical 
innovations that have opened the doors to greater scientific insight by 
producing data and quality seemingly impossible only a few years ago.

The abstract submission is open until *April 1, 2017* at the following 
link: *

*Best regards,
Emmanuel Ponzevera and Matthew Horstwood

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