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You need to determine if the problem is with the boards or the source itself.
Set the source to standby and then turn it off in the software and the back of the instrument. Leave the pumps running.
Remove the white ptfe block from the source and place it with the pins facing upwards on the top of the instrument.
Turn the source on at the back of the instrument, set source file to standby and then turn source on in software. Is the IR value now OK or still incorrect? If now ok then the problem may be in the source itself.
Turn off source before replacing ptfe block.

Keep fingers etc away from source block while it is off the source. At standby it should be at 0v but never take chances.

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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Sercon 20-20 Misbehaving Ion Repeller

Hello All,


I am having a bit of an issue with my Sercon 20-20. It turns 23 years of age this month so I fully appreciate that it may have a few ‘quirks’ by now. After having issues with the focus amongst many other issues I have changed the source board, the digital board and the adapter board in the last month or so and I still have an issue with the ion repeller. When set at ‘0’ I get a set point reading of ‘6.77’ and an actual of ‘16.54’, I changed the setting in the software to ‘-2’ and the set points and actuals did not change. I have checked for continuity within the source itself and from the source board to the source and there is no issue. I am at a loose end now…help me…any ideas?


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