Dear all, 

Aradhna Tripati, John Eiler, Stefano Bernasconi and I have join together to edit a special volume of G3 dedicated to clumped isotopes. We are now soliciting your contributions, the URL and summary for the volume are below:

Clumped Isotope Geochemistry: From Theory to Applications

Clumped isotope geochemistry involves studying the properties of isotopic species that contain more than one rare isotope. Measurements can shed light on a broad range of topics of interest to geoscientists, including geothermometry, biomineralization, tectonics, diagenesis, atmospheric budgets, and rates of geochemical processes. A major focus is geothermometry, as temperature is a fundamental intensive variable in any physical system and accurate estimates of temperatures are a requirement for understanding most geological processes. This special issue will include papers dealing with all aspects of clumped isotope geochemistry in different molecules and minerals, including methodological advances, theoretical studies, laboratory experiments, and applications to modern and ancient systems.

Looking forward to reading your papers, and any questions, let us know.

All the best,
Cedric John