To all,

 I have recently found that a battery on middle aged Thermo/Fisons/CE Instruments can cause damage to the mother board. It can be many model names EA 1110, NA2100 as well as others. It is the model with a 3 inch by 1 inch display that shows all instrument parameters. The Battery is leaking and damaging the circuit board at connector 11 that is just below it. You should look at  it and clean up if it needs it. I have seen it cause SSR error and transformer error and not allow the unit to run. I would not suggest removing the mother board of an instrument this age because of all the wiring you will need to remove to get it out. Chances of getting a bad connection somewhere else after this procedure is a risk. If you already have damage you can bypass connections at connector 11 at your own risk. The battery is on the left side of the card cage.

These errors happen for other reasons as well and I have just recently noticed this to be a new cause. Checking and cleaning this battery should now be part of any PM maintenance done on these instruments. If anyone has a procedure for cleaning up battery residue of this type let me know. 

Mike Elefante, President
Elf Analytical Services, Inc