Here at Bellows Falls Union High School, we literally just had our school
wide robot wars/ LEGO SuMo battle today. It started as a STEM activity in
one of my classes that has now become a school wide event.

Freshman, sophomores juniors and seniors pick a team to represent their
class. Teams have two weeks to build an EV3 robot that they can remote
control with their phones using this app

We have a SUMO arena. It's an old circular table top divided into 4
quadrants, each class paints the quadrant, names their robots, designates a
driver and we battle.

The event takes place at center court in the gym, classes all sit together
in sections of the bleachers, teams come to the floor, to battle.

The table is propped only 8 inches off the ground.

The battle starts with all four trying to ram each other off the edge. Once
your off, the robot falls to the floor and shatters. The arena resets with
the remaining teams and continues until there is only one left. The school
gets really pumped up.

During the battle students play some intense dubstep to coincided with the

Other stem things happen within classes, we have students build custom
drones that accomplish various tasks, we have students use arduino's and
raspberry pi's for various projects. My favorite so far is is a student
took an arduino and made a led cube light show. One student took a pi and
made a retro gaming station, and rewired a nintendo controller and an snes
controller to work via usb. That one is fun, but the pi is only running
retropi, so it was very little setup besides the remotes.

I don't have a "lab" space,  I integrate all this between my science
classes and my STEM Computer Science class.

We do a lot of other STEM things as well;

-some classes build trebuchet's, some build punkin' chunkin' devices, some
build ecosystem monitoring devices, we have had various hydroponic
apparatus build for different bio labs,  I currently have two teams of
students playing cyber wars (russia vs US), students are often designing,
and building things in our science department. We have a close working
relationship with our on-site shop courses.

I'd love to chat more, we've always got something going on.

On Fri, Feb 17, 2017, 9:14 AM Patricia Aigner <[log in to unmask]>

Hi Luis,
Please come visit Rutland Middle School and High School.  We would love to
share our environments and projects.


Patricia Aigner
Director of Technology
Rutland City Public Schools
6 Church Street
Rutland, VT 05701
802-773-1900 <(802)%20773-1900>


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On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 9:11 AM, Luis Bango <
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Hey folks,

I had a great visit yesterday to the NuVu innovation lab in Cambridge
Great space, resources and coaching but it is a separate, "stand-alone"
environment that receives students from a few private day schools and home
schooled students.

Can anyone on the list point me towards great examples of STEM / STEAM /
Innovation labs in Vermont middle or high schools that have *activated
engagement and design thinking both in the lab environment and throughout
the school in "regular" classrooms*?


Luis E. Bango
Technology Integration Teacher / VHS Site Coordinator
Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock, Vermont
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