Ahh too bad that the only one near me is on dates that are not available.

I'll share this with you all anyway.
IMHO, Here is the best os for your raspberry pi, for everyday use.

Retropie is also fun, and a pretty awesome way to relive the glory days of
gaming, but not super practical in a classroom.
I had some students rewire some old NES and SNES controllers for USB
connection, I have a great bribe of old school games for when my students
need an award.

The point is, flint os is the way to go if you are using pi's in a more
practical sense.

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> If anyone is looking for some great free PD on Raspberry Pi check out this
> announcement. There is one in RHODE ISLAND
> Free professional development is coming to a U.S. city near you this
> summer.
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> Join us for Picademy this summer!
> The Raspberry Pi Foundation is happy to announce U.S. dates and locations
> for Picademy, its free professional development program. The 2017 program
> takes place entirely in the summertime in four different cities:
>    - Providence, RI
>    - Irvine, CA
>    - Ann Arbor, MI
>    - Boise, ID
> Please click here to read all the details about Picademy and to apply.
> <> You
> may submit a single application for any of the dates and venues that work
> best for you.
> Picademy is a free, in-person educator professional development
> program. Over the course of two days, educators get hands-on with digital
> making and discover the many ways that maker-friendly technology such as
> Raspberry Pi can be used in the classroom. At the end of the program,
> participants become Raspberry Pi Certified Educators and join an active
> global community of over 900 digital making enthusiasts.
> Educators of all types, including classroom teachers, museum educators,
> librarians, educator coaches, and community educators can apply to Picademy.
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