Dear Brian

At the 2016 Pizza Conf/Tech Dir meeting, I think the timetable given to those of us in the audience was that schools would be piloting in January 2017 (is that happening? Can you tell me what school is piloting with Web2school?) and that all schools would be using SLDS by the end of the 1617 school year (will that still happen?)

Just checking in to see if I missed the announcement of the final specs and to get an updated timeline.

If you would let me know what the outlook is for existing v. SLDS submission for the upcoming 
1.) Spring Student Census
2.) CIRS
3.) SECT
4.) and any I am not thinking of

SIS's came up a meeting within my school the other day and inquiring minds ...

Thank you,


Raymond Ballou
South Royalton School
223 South Windsor Street
Royalton VT 05068
802-763-7740 x251


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