Thanks for the update, Brian!


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Dear Ray and fellow listers,


Ray, Dana, Craig and others have very politely asked for updated timelines and you are all due as much information as I am able to provide.  Here is a high-level update with a promise for additional details in another communication tomorrow (for which I have blocked off my entire calendar):


The pilots have not happened and the final specs are under final review but have not yet been released.  My goal is to send these out tomorrow.  The SLDS implementation vendor and state team have been working very hard to cover all bases related to Vertical Reporting and we are confident that these final specifications account for everything that we can think of that would be needed for district SIS vendors or their preferred state reporting subcontractors to prepare automated extracts.  The timeline of pilot roll-outs will of course depend on how responsive these vendors will be able to be to these specifications and I will provide additional information about these roll-out timelines as soon as I am able to confer with these vendors.


Right now, the grant funded implementation is slated to be complete statewide by the end of the calendar year.  This is a tight timeline and we will work as efficiently as possible to meet this; however, we are not going to cut corners.  We will work with our USDOE counterparts, keeping them informed of our progress and work to adjust timelines and funding if that is necessary to ensure successful implementation.


I am discussing options related to existing collections, including those you mention below, with my team.  Our goal is to make this required reporting as straightforward as possible and that will likely include presenting options to all districts to accomplish this (i.e. options relating to reporting using the new VR spec, if that is the best path for districts; options relating to reporting using file extracts using existing collection file structures; and options allowing for reporting using existing data entry collection mechanisms).  I will be reaching out for input about your preferences to this effect in the near future.


Thank you all for your patience.  We are working very hard to accomplish this project in the right way and minimize the greatest extent possible the disruption it may cause.





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Dear Brian


At the 2016 Pizza Conf/Tech Dir meeting, I think the timetable given to those of us in the audience was that schools would be piloting in January 2017 (is that happening? Can you tell me what school is piloting with Web2school?) and that all schools would be using SLDS by the end of the 1617 school year (will that still happen?)


Just checking in to see if I missed the announcement of the final specs and to get an updated timeline.


If you would let me know what the outlook is for existing v. SLDS submission for the upcoming 

1.) Spring Student Census

2.) CIRS

3.) SECT

4.) and any I am not thinking of


SIS's came up a meeting within my school the other day and inquiring minds ...


Thank you,




Raymond Ballou

South Royalton School

223 South Windsor Street

Royalton VT 05068


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