Hello all:


This is directed at folks doing E-rate.  I may need some assist from you on this. 


As you no doubt know, Gov. Scott has proposed a new School Budget vote date of May 23.

USAC has JUST TODAY announced the Window for 471 filing of E-rate----   Noon,  Feb. 27, 2017   through  May 11, 2017 at 11:59 PM.   All times EST.


I have a fear that unless folks have begun their process early this year, it may be difficult to get 471’s off before the May 11 date, especially if a budget vote is necessary. 


I may need some voices to testify as to funding that might be jeopardized.  I can see via USAC EPC portal who has 470’s currently out there, so I do know who is seeking new services.   I may be reaching out to you individually if there is need to make a more unified push on this. 


At this time,  if you have not posted  a 470 yet, you still have time, but it would behoove to post sooner than later in case this budget date does become reality. 


We have an E-rate webinar coming up on Monday the 6th.  It is pretty full at this time but still open.. I may offer a second one more specific to this issue.   If you want a second date, ping me off-list please.




Peter Drescher

Education Technology Coordinator

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

Barre, VT   05641




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