Hi List,

The message below was sent to refurbish companies today. Schools are
welcome to bid, too.


Q1. Why not just donate them?

A1. We want to recover tax payers' dollars that can be applied to our
future purchases of equipment.

Q2. Can my school get just some stuff from the list?

A2. No. We need be efficient with our time and resources, and just want it
off our hands in one swoop.


CESU-MMMUSD welcomes bids for the purchase of its used computer equipment.
The vast majority of the equipment is functional.  There are some
non-functioning devices, too, that may be used for parts or recycled.

*The list of equipment is shown below and attached. Feel free to contact us
with any access issues or questions. *



   The equipment will be sold as one package. The successful bidder must
   take all of the equipment, both functional and non-functional - may not
   pick and choose.

   Bidders are welcome to inspect the equipment before bidding.  Contact
   Steve Jarrett to make arrangements.

   Equipment is loose and may be in boxes, but is not palletized. Our tech
   support staff will assist bidders in loading the equipment, if requested.

   There are three centralized pickup locations, each within 10 minutes
   drive of each other.

   Functional devices have been re-imaged with their original Windows 7
   OS.  Servers do not have hard drives - they have been removed.

   There may be other functional and non-function computer peripherals
   included, but which are not listed, for example, mice, keyboards and

   Payment due at time of pick-up: cashier’s check or other method through
   prior arrangement with the CESU-MMMUSD business office (contact Steve

   CESU-MMMUSD makes no guarantee or warranty on the equipment.  It will
   not accept returns or requests for reimbursements. What you see is what you



   Submission deadline: February 17, 2017, 3:00 P.M. EST

   Bidder selected and contacted: February 20, 2017

   Pick-up date range: February 21-24 or March 9-10 or March 13-17, between
   the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.

Point of Contact:

Steve Jarrett

District Technology Supervisor

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211 Bridge Street
Richmond, VT 05477


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