Of course there's a big problem here, we have to sign contracts before we can file 471s, and how can we sign contracts not knowing if the budget is approved?  Though maybe it'll be okay if we sign a contract that says the deal is contingent upon both erate funding and local budget approval?  We already sign ones that say it's contingent upon the former.

This problem, though, is really dwarfed by a bigger one, which is that most school teachers' contracts say the teachers have to be informed by a certain date if they're not going to be offered a contract for the coming year.  Generally, this date is well before May 23, or at least it is around here.  How will districts offer contracts without an approved budget?  Districts could achieve compliance by sending RIF notices to the entire staff, I suppose, this is what generally happens when a budget is defeated and another one is not approved by the drop dead date, but to do this to every teacher state wide seems rather callous to me. 

Guess the Governor never served on a school board, or at least not on the finance committee...

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Hello all:


This is directed at folks doing E-rate.  I may need some assist from you on this. 


As you no doubt know, Gov. Scott has proposed a new School Budget vote date of May 23.

USAC has JUST TODAY announced the Window for 471 filing of E-rate----   Noon,  Feb. 27, 2017   through  May 11, 2017 at 11:59 PM.   All times EST.


I have a fear that unless folks have begun their process early this year, it may be difficult to get 471’s off before the May 11 date, especially if a budget vote is necessary. 


I may need some voices to testify as to funding that might be jeopardized.  I can see via USAC EPC portal who has 470’s currently out there, so I do know who is seeking new services.   I may be reaching out to you individually if there is need to make a more unified push on this. 


At this time,  if you have not posted  a 470 yet, you still have time, but it would behoove to post sooner than later in case this budget date does become reality. 


We have an E-rate webinar coming up on Monday the 6th.  It is pretty full at this time but still open.. I may offer a second one more specific to this issue.   If you want a second date, ping me off-list please.




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