As in more sunlight
​ coming = summer plans!

My young family (age 2 and 5) is getting to the point where my wife and I
want to establish some sort of regular summer break where we can build a
community of kids and adults some of whom return each year. At least for
the next few years. ​

I'm looking for folks who've good experiences with campgrounds for small
pop up campers, cabin rentals and family camps designed for young families

We're interested in kids to have kids to play with. Water, beach, boat,
woods. Fancy-ness not needed at all in food or lodgings.

Here's my notes from last summer:

*Personally experienced*

   - Groton lake rental
   ​. Leading place, but somewhat isolated in terms of walking to other
   kids playing​
   - South Portland Maine rentals near Willard beach and public bus/bike
   path to Portland city
   ​ (expensive not near woods, but amazing! we do a weekend here once a
   - Spofford lake rental
   ​. Great. Need big group though and not a lot of kids​

*Looking for anyone who's personal experience with:*

   - State parks great with young families and popups to stay a week or so
   and get into a groove
   ​ ​
   - Karme Choling Family Camp
   - Fairlee VT:
   - Farm and Wilderness in VT
   - Alden Camps, a 103-year-old collection of cabins and a lodge and
   dining hall on the Belgrade Lakes in Maine:
   - Tyler Place Family Resort in northern Vermont
   - Medomak (pronounced med-OM-ack, like the river) Family Camp
   - (2020) Family Nature Camp, College of the Atlantic - when Ivy is five
   looks amazing
   ​ ​
   - Maine By ocean camping
   ​ ]= ​
   Cobscook Bay State Park


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