Hello folks..

The day has come.  We have had for a number of years a CILC content bank that provided for virtual field trips for schools in VT, originally through the LNV and lately through a number of online platforms.  Because of the hundreds of amazing virtual field trips your students have been able to take over the years, that content bank has now been depleted down to zero (0).

So, going forward, if you are scheduling virtual field trips through that resource you will need to set up your own account from your local funds, as opposed to using the content bank.

We believe that everything scheduled and approved at this point will be covered and was included in the zeroing out of the funds.  That may be some part of an assumption on our parts.  IF you have a session scheduled for the near future, please contact the CILC folks and MAKE SURE that it has been covered.  We cannot receive invoices on this at the AOE.  They will be sent to your local SU in that case.

I'm sorry, but funding at this end is not available to continue the program.    On a positive note, many of your classrooms took part in connections ranging from Cleveland Puppetry Arts to Dinosaur Museums to history displays to collaborations with other schools.  Just last week we got an email telling us how great a recent virtual field trip was. We are certainly glad that we could provide the tools to do that over the course of the past 6 years.

Anyways.. thanks to all those schools that took advantage of the program.  We are sad of course to see it go and should funding become available in the future we may try to re-invest.
Thanks again;

Peter Drescher
Sigrid Olson

Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
VT Agency of Education
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