I am curious if any other Aerohive user has seen this happen.  Twice now, we have had AP130s drop totally out of our management console.  They don't show up under unmanaged devices, they don't show up under unconfigured devices.  They just totally drop out of the console.  Both times it occurred within a week of adding the devices to the console - two different sets of APs. The first time 7 APs dropped out.  The second time 10 different ones dropped out.

Both times it occurred in the wee hours of morning (2:30am) and both times the log showed they were removed by the account "admin".   There are three of us who use the console, but when we do anything, it shows up in the log as us (e.g. sgagne not as admin). 

Aerohive engineers can't figure out what happened.  I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.  



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