"Vaccines don't cause autism." What would you expect from the "Director of Vaccine Development" in a newspaper whose board of directors consists largely of medical industry reps?

Most modern science finds that ultrasound damages the fetus. Antibiotics and vaccines would then follow as synergistic toxins if the fetus survives gestation.

72% survive the second trimester in the US, so there's a good chance that scenario could occur.

Cell damage such as membrane permeability and DNA fragmentation occurs in the fetal region following routine ultrasound. See the dose/response graph in the URL above. Low intensity ultrasound was applied, lower than clinical ultrasound.

Dear All,

This Op-Ed piece appeared in the New York Times yesterday.  It is written by Peter J. Hotz, a pediatrician, and director of the Texas Children's Hospital of Center for Vaccine Development. He is also the father of a daughter with autism.  It is well written and comprehensive in my layperson's view. I think it merits reading in light of many vaccine "debates" on this list.