Intriguing idea but alas not too likely given the empirical evidence from astronomy.
A greater chance is that ETI is hiding in the asteroid belt, a suggestion made years ago by the astronomer Michael Papagiannis (see
My own take on ETI and the "galactic club":

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I came across a 1986 book written by an aeronautical engineer Norman Bergrun (it's free online at the link below).  The main claim is that analysis of photos from Voyager 1 and 2 reveal the existence of spacecrafts of unimaginably huge size, that actually makes the rings of Saturn!

Last year, he was in the news again, which is what prompted me to look at his book.

I looked at the pictures he showed in the book as proof of his claims, most of them don't convince me of what he claims, but I'm curious about 4 of the pictures - I would very much appreciate if an astronomer can weigh in and explain what is the mainstream explanation for the anomalies in Plates 5 - 8, on (paper) pages 17, 19, 21 and 22 of the book at the link below:

In chapter 1 he also talked about the many inconsistencies and mysteries from 4 centuries of instrumental observations of Saturn, and how his theory can explain them satisfactorily.  I wonder if mainstream astronomy has better explanations for all these historical mysteries?

(The author's bio is on page VII, or pdf file page 8)


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