Hi VT Birders,

Though this isn't Vermont, it is nearby and still of relevance to Vermont
birders. It is an irruption year for Great Gray Owls and several can be
found in and around Montreal right now. Given the close proximity to the
border, it might be wise for everyone to give those Barred Owls a second
look this winter.

I spent this morning birding at a location called Refuge Faunique
Marguerite D'youville where several Great Gray Owls have been recently
reported. In just 3 hours of birding, I was able to observe 3 different
Great Grays. I thought Vermont birders might be interested in knowing about
this great location that is so close by, if you hadn't already heard of the
Great Gray Owl influx over the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Here are a few photos from my time there this morning, in case you needed
some extra motivation to get across the border.


Good luck if you try for them!

Tyler Pockette