Yes. Yesterday, the 21st Feb., mid morning, an immature TV landed on an 
apple tree stub not 20 feet from the house and several bird feeders, then 
was "challenged" by our overly courageous black cat which scaled to the 
perch in a few seconds, dislodging the intruder in a successful defense of 
his territory. The TV's takeoff  more than enveloped the cat by its 
wingspan. Live and learn?

Sandy Witherell
Shoreham, VT West

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Turkey Vultures

I just observed at least 7 TV's back in their territory on Rt 7 in Shelburne 
this afternoon. Seems a little early, I usually see them around the first 
week of March. They roost in the big dead tree by the Senior Living Center 
on Shelburne Rd. In the summer I've counted as many as 25 in that tree.