These guys are not particular about time of day.  Their home is so far 
north, it's a world where daylight can be only a few hours or nearly 
constant and they hunt with their ears, not their eyes.  Your only 
problem with late afternoon is that you don't have much time before 
dusk, and they can become very hard to pick out as the light dims.

Also, they're not always out in a visible place, although with three up 
there, likely at least one is.

FWIW, when I lived in Eastern Mass., a Great Gray settled in for the 
winter at a small field on a farm about an hour away, and I made the 
trip to admire it about a dozen times (along with crowds of other 
birders and gawkers), and it was visible every time I went but one.


On 2/22/2017 11:40 AM, Linda L Kulas wrote:
> I am wondering what time of day people are seeing Great Grey Owls.
> Would it be worthwhile going after 3:30 in the afternoon?
> Thanks so much for any guidance.
> Linda L Kulas
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