VT Birders,

First of all, thank you, Jon, Alison, and Bryan for reporting the Harlequin! 
I finally had a chance to get out birding after work and before dark, get a 
little exercise, and I got GREAT LOOKS of the Harlequin!  What a beauty! It 
was right in the same place, west side of the bridge, about twenty feet from 
the causeway!

SO FOLKS out there in Birdland...if you're up for a mile (+) long walk, go 
for it!


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Subject: [VTBIRD] Harlequin Duck at Colchester Causeway Yesterday

Greetings, VTBIRDers:

Jon and Alison Farnsworth located a drake Harlequin Duck at the bridge on 
Colchester Causeway on Sunday, February 19. They sent me a photo, which I’ve 
included with an eBird report on their behalf: 

Bryan Pfeiffer


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