A stop at the Dead Creek goose viewing area this morning revealed hundreds of Canada Geese in the fields and in flight.  One northbound flock of about 100 Canada's also had a Cackling Goose.  An adult Bald Eagle, 2 Rough-legged and 2 Red-tailed Hawks in the same area.

The bridge was fogbound. But the fog parted long enough to reveal a mixed flock of about 200 to 300 mergansers, scaup, and goldeneye.  Three Hooded Mergansers were there. No sign of the Tufted Duck, but viewing conditions were limited.

At Tri-town there were hundreds of Common Goldeneye plus 2 Long-tailed Ducks.  4 Rough-legged Hawks incl 2 dark morphs were along Atherton Rd and Jersey St.

At the Panton Road crossing of Dead Creek there were 2 Green-winged Teal, 2 American Wigeon, 1 Northern Pintail, and numerous Mallards and Black Ducks.

Scott Morrical

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