I've had three bluebirds hanging around my Chester land all winter, albeit more active during the warm-ups.    Ken Finch

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We have bluebirds in the Southridge neighborhood of Williston as well. I
have seen up to three at one time in trees in the meadow between Metcalf
Drive and Williston Road. The three I saw appeared to be one adult and two
juveniles. I saw these three birds on two different days in late January.


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> Today at 5pm , I noticed a male plump beautiful bluebird on a fence post
> by my house. Then I saw another big fat male on the electric wire at my
> house.They were about 50 feet apart. Both of them swooped down and
> apparently caught things on the surface of the snow .They both left at
> 5:20. Last week was the first winter bluebird at my house. NOW,
> this!!!!!!!!!!
> What is going on?
> Amazed in Williston
> Sally Fellows