I'm wondering if your talk will include comments about Cattle Egrets.. for a few years they were commonly seen in the Champlain Valley, but I have not seen them in VT for several years.  Change in agricultural practices?  Change in the birds' migration patterns?   what?

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, VT

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Subject: [VTBIRD] raptor photos?

Good morning, everyone - Last winter, many fellow birders and many photographers generously sent me pictures of diving ducks to use in a presentation for GMAS. Now Iím in need of raptor photos for a class Iíll be doing in April for OLLI-UVM (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). The class is titled ďVermontís Birds and Our Agricultural HeritageĒ. It's about changes in land use (starting WAY back, with the first known human inhabitants) and the connections between different human uses of our areaís resources and differences in the wildlife that lives here with us. There will be two indoors classes and two field trips, the first to Shelburne Farms to walk and meet with people from the Grassland Birds Project and the Outreach for Earth Stewardship, and the second to walk here at Jericho Settlers Farm and talk with the owners.

Iíve finished working on the first slides for the first class, but Iím sorely lacking raptor photos for the second. Iíve got lots of good Osprey pictures but only one good picture each of Cooperís, Sharp-shinned and Red-shouldered Hawks, one not-great pic of a juvenile goshawk and a few blurry photos of falcons - and nothing for eagles, owls, or the areaís most common hawk, the Red-tailed. I can usually find decent photos on the web, but I really like using local photos if possible. Does anyone have pictures theyíd be willing to share? Iíll include the photographerís name on every slide, of course.

Thank you!

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center