I'm the specialist to make impossible possible in this case ^^

It's impossible to totally block a mac computer. I managed. Two times in 15 days...

Linux is so stable it's impossible to block it... Debian 0 - Angie 1 

I was not even trying to prove it's possible. It just happened.


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I am one of those people that if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.  If I had a nickel for every time our IT department said "I've never seen *that* happen before" I could have retired years ago.  I'm also one of those people whose issue will NOT replicate itself when I call the Help Desk.

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I mean in general as well as in job title. I've learned a great deal, but a lot of stuff still baffles me. Had a patron today, who never has good luck with his tech/access/connections. We've both decided that he was marked out at birth for this special treatment (seriously, if it can go wrong or become confuddled, it will, if it's his phone/iPad or laptop). Anyway, he called this morning (nice guy; I dread his calls) and he couldn't get our remote access to work for him (again). This time it was his iPad, but then as we diddled about on the landline phone, his cell also decided to not allow him access, either. He had access on a computer, but not these devices. We went back and forth, trying different things, but truly, I had no clue (plus I'm not on site where he is today, so that added another layer of... "interest" to all this). We left it that he would call IS today and then, if that didn't work, I'd work with on-site IS tomorrow. We've been down this road before...

He just emailed me. IS took a look and told him it was a cookies issue and took care of it.

Moving on, now...

Do you have any IS hero stories to share?

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