I agree--it's very hard to be completely unbiased, no matter how hard you try. What's more important, I think, is to recognize the bias and look at the underlying information. Is it true? Does anything back it up? Does the information come from a reputable source? If the source is anonymous, can it be backed up by an independent source? If the information is based on research, can the research be replicated? Even harder is recognizing our own confirmation bias--is this true even if I don't want it to be true?

How much chaff do you have to go through to get to the underlying wheat kernel, and is that kernel good or rotten--will it nourish or poison?*

As librarians, and especially as medical librarians, I would like to think we're good at recognizing bias and whether the information is supported by sound research, science, history, etc. We know when to look at results with a grain of salt and when to bring along the entire salt lick. After all, if we give a surgeon an article that argues that hand washing, gloves, and masks are unnecessary frills, someone could die.

I seem to have strayed from news to a discourse on critical thinking. Oh well.

*I think Mark Twain would call that metaphor "hauling off and being literary." Or something less polite. Sorry...

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After disassembling and inspecting the humidifier, I've determined that the main problem with it is that someone took it apart.

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The reality is many people, whether liberal or conservative, tend to believe the news sources which reflect their own personal biases are "unbiased". Therefore, many liberals will choose PBS/NBC/CNN/NYT as being "unbiased' and many conservatives will choose Fox/ Breitbart/ One America News/WSJ as being unbiased. Newsflash!! All the above are biased toward one particular ideology or other. To think otherwise is being terribly naïve. That is the truth as I see it, as imperfect as I am.

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PBS News Hour

Dorothy Fleishman

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> I would like to know what people find the most unbiased news source 
> these days -= print or otherwise.
> Thanks so much!
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