Check out this site and chart:   (someone had posted this a couple of days ago)
"A chart that is going viral on the image-sharing website Imgur claims to show where some major media outlets rate in terms of their reliability as news sources. Notice anything inaccurate about the image below?"

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Eh, yes and no. PBS, NYTimes, NPR etc do less mixing of "infotainment" and news.  I really don't think anyone can put Breitbart in the same class as the NYT or any of the more mainstream media. IOW, false equivalencies do not add to clarity. All news is prone to bias, but the type of bias differs greatly. Breitbart has very little, if any, factual basis. Fox News (as opposed to Fox Shows, which look almost exactly like Fox News and cover many of the same topics, but claim they are not news so therefore do not have to meet "news standards") claims to be "fair and balanced", but actually delivers slanted coverage on SOME stories and topics. IMO, it does so to a larger degree than say ABC or another network (take your pick), but that does not mean that ABC et al do not also have a slant.

In other words, there is a scale or a spectrum of "truth" (meaning factual reporting) and "truthiness" (meaning the quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true). IMO, it is important to NEVER trust just one source, be that Fox, NYT, or other. And always keep in mind that the "truth" may never be known for any given story, but that absorbing more than one perspective should lead the reader/viewer to a broader understanding of the issue. I learned in 4th grade about "yellow journalism" and to look for clues that stories contain it. Look for strong words, leaps in logic or the frequent use of assumptions. Does the story cite sources? Does it contain facts? If the sources are un-named, are other attempts to verify assertions made and presented? If not, why not? And the most basic of all: WHY was this story written and published? 

Fred makes some really good points. As librarians, we need to model and teach (as much as we can), critical thinking, especially when it comes to science and healthcare. Desperate people tend to look for miracles and a physician's success is only as good as his or her ability to turn information into knowledge and judgement.

Sam's point is also well-taken: the reader brings his or her own prejudgments, biases and prejudices to the news as well. 

Very weighty for a rainy Tuesday...

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The reality is many people, whether liberal or conservative, tend to believe the news sources which reflect their own personal biases are "unbiased". Therefore, many liberals will choose PBS/NBC/CNN/NYT as being "unbiased' and many conservatives will choose Fox/ Breitbart/ One America News/WSJ as being unbiased. Newsflash!! All the above are biased toward one particular ideology or other. To think otherwise is being terribly naïve. That is the truth as I see it, as imperfect as I am.

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PBS News Hour

Dorothy Fleishman

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> I would like to know what people find the most unbiased news source 
> these days -= print or otherwise.
> Thanks so much!
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