Hi All

Just got off the telephone with Rep. Pattie McCoy (retired Poultney Town
Clerk), she is VERY worried about the vitals bill that is going on the
floor today (Wednesday) for vote!

First, we now get a town copy of a death certificate from the State of
Vermont, as of 2018, we will no longer be getting one or storing town
copies in the town office!!!

Also, beginning in 2018 we will no longer be receiving birth records,
hospital towns included!  They will go directly to the health department
from the hospital.

There are many other issues in the bill that Pattie is concerned about too!

Please contact your State Representatives and ask them to NOT support the
bill !!!!!!

This will be huge revenue loss for many towns. AND, one more way for the
State to take control of the local municipality.

PLEASE don't waste anytime, contact them this morning before the bill goes
on the floor!

Thank you

Sandy Pinsonault, MMC
Dorset Town Clerk